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Mobile ECU Remaps

Increase your car or vans performance & driving experience without having to leave your home or workplace, we will come to you! All of our remaps are tried & tested on our MAHA 4WD dyno in Leicester, every tune is completely safe & reliable, whether you are looking for more power or better fuel economy or a mixture of both. Most makes & models are available fill in the quotation form below for a price and availability. 

What's the difference between a mobile remap & a remap on the Dyno?
With a mobile remap we load on a pre built tune which has been tested on our dyno & road before hand. The benefit of mobile map is you don't have to leave your home or workplace to have your car tuned. The mobile tunes are designed to stay within a standard cars parameters where as a dyno tune would more suit someone who is looking for a complete custom set up i.e if the customers car was modified with extras such as upgraded turbo, fuel system & race setups.

Is it safe for my engine?
The mobile tunes are designed to stay within a standard cars parameters. We only cover vehicles we have developed maps for prior. 

Why is my car not tuned from the factory?
Manufacturers have to tune their vehicles to suit the worst types of climates & fuel grades around the world, therefore they are often "downtuned" to avoid warranty claims. In the UK the conditions are excellent for an engine and we have access to good fuel. So in a sense we are removing the "detune" the manufacturer has install to unleash the full potential of the vehicle. 

How will it affect my fuel economy?
We offer different types of tunes for all cars, so if you are looking to increase your MPG then we can offer you our economy maps (popular with work vehicles).  This will not only increase the engines power it will reduce the engines fuel consumption.

How much more power will my vehicle get?
Each vehicle varies so fill out the quotation form below and we will get back to you with the expected gains of your vehicle.

How do i book for a remap?
Fill in the quotation form below and we will get back to you ASAP with a price & availability. Please keep an eye on your Spam folder as we generally reply via email!