Vehicle Wrapping and PPF

Vehicle Wrapping

We know you car enthusiasts love to personalise your investments and what better way to do it than to vinyl wrap your entire car or even just parts of it. Unlike paint, vinyl wrap can be removed at anytime reverting the car back to the standard colour. 

What wrap is available?
We have a huge range of wrap available including 3D carbon, forged carbon and even textured wrap.

How long will it last?
Vehicle wrap is expected to last at least 3 years as long as it is properly cared for

How do you clean it?
The car can be cleaned as usual, although we can provide you with special vehicle wrap polish, wax & shampoo.

How do i book my car in?
Fill in the quotation form below and we will get back to you ASAP with a price & availability.


PPF Protection

Paint Protection Film is applied over the cars original paint in places vulnerable to damage or can even be applied to the full car to protect against debris and surface damage, which can be costly to repair, especially on carbon fibre panels. The film is cut specially for your vehicle and applied by one of our trained technicians, whether on a estate, family hatchback or supercar, the level of care and attention that we deliver is second to none.

How long will PPF last?
If it doesn't get scraped or too damaged and is cared for (it's a paint protection film, so if you scrape a wall the film may get damaged but your paint should be fine underneath) it should easily last for years. If needs be, we can remove the damaged film and fit a new part without buying a new full kit.

When is it best to get PPF applied?
The sooner the better. Usually cars are dropped at our workshop within the first 6 months of buying before any damage has already occurred.

Why should i PPF my car?
When you come to resell the vehicle, the paintwork underneath the film will be as good as the day it was installed.

How do i book my car in?
Fill in the quotation form below and we will get back to you ASAP with a price & availability