Mercedes C63 AMG W205 [SELFTUNE]

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Mallory Performance OBD Tuning Device for the Mercedes W205 C63 AMG.

Be in full control of your tune with this Selftune OBD flash tool for your AMG C63 W205.

Store your factory file automatically when you plug in the device, control what tune you have on your vehicle by selecting the tune you want! 

Options for the W205 C63 AMG Models - 

  • Stage one tune 99 ron (stock hardware -100hp gain with 150nm on average) 
  • Stage one tune 97 ron (stock hardware - 90hp gain with 130nm on average)
  • Stage one tune 95 ron (stock hardware - 70hp gain with 110nm on average)
  • Stage two tune 99 ron (Downpipe and intake upgrade 120hp+) 
  • Custom options availabe with crackle additions - fault code removal - hybrid turbo applications. 

Your Selftune device will come with your stage one tune (99ron - 97ron and 95ron) 

Flash anywhere at anytime with this device.

Device will be locked to your vehicle, but can be transfered without loosing the tune on the current vehicle for a small cost (+cost of the tune for the new vehicle) 

Remote support is available at all times! 

Our tunes have been thoroughly tested on road and track using our own development vehicles, option to come in and install the device at our HQ is available along with the use of the dyno at an additional fee. 

Please make sure your vehicle is mechanically sound before installing the Selftune!

Mercedes C63 AMG W205 [SELFTUNE]
Mercedes C63 AMG W205 [SELFTUNE]