Mallory Performance Selftune Remap | Audi TT 8j Mk2 1.8TSI

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Audi TT MK2 | 2006 - 2013 | 1.8TSI

Following our strong presence in this years VW CUP we have worked hard to bring to you this fantastic product which enables you to be in full control of the Tune on your vehicle..

With options for different fuel types, different hardware and added options such as crackles - decat deletes - runner flap deletes and so on! 

The Selftune equipment comes preloaded with a Stage one tune (stock car - maximum hardware being a panel filter) And the option to store another 3 tunes on the lead. You can flash the car where you like, when you like! 

Optional add-ons available - 

 Stage One (included) -

Maximum hardware being an intake/panel filter.

(All performance figures vary on each vehicle. Not one vehicle is the same)

+53 bhp +  

+67 lb/ft + 

(Gains are the minimum achieved)


Stage One + - Intake - Cat Back Exhaust 


Stage Two - Intake - Downpipe + Exhaust system + FMIC 


Add ons can be requested via your selftune portal, you can have as many tunes as you wish to purchase, but you will only be able to store 5 on the lead!