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Ford Fiesta ST 1.6 Ecoboost 2013 to present

We have worked tirelessly for this release! 

Development on this little hot hatch is now complete and we are happy to role out the Mallory Performance Software package, what we found with this engine- 

Engine is very much detuned as standard, and they do this using the throttle plate opening, in stock form the throttle plate will only open to around 82% which gives a consistent torque output but very neutered performance, so part of our tuning strategy was to get that throttle plate open to create the power we are looking for without compromising the reliability of the engine. Once development commenced on this platform, we quickly realised the stock intercooler system was terrible, which is why we advise the first mod you do, is the cooler! 

We have now developed software from stage one to stage 3 with most brands of turbos on the market, so if you are looking for a solution that will grow with you, then this may be it! 

We recommend that you go straight for an intake over the panel filters on the market for best performance. 

Crackles option is only available for those with a decat, we dont believe in "cat safe" solutions. 

 Stage One (included) -

Maximum hardware being an intake/panel filter.

(All performance figures vary on each vehicle. Not one vehicle is the same)

+30bhp - 40hp 

+45 - 60lbft 


Stage One + - Intake - FMIC 


Stage Two - Intake - Downpipe + Exhaust system + FMIC 



Add ons can be requested via your selftune portal, you can have as many tunes as you wish to purchase, but you will only be able to store 5 on the lead!