VW Golf Mk7 R - Selftune Device

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Selftune for your VW Golf MK7 R 

Engine Code - ALL

Have the power of the ECU tune at your finger tips, Flash the stock ECU when ever you wish with the Selftune Device!

Current Options Available - 

  • Stock ECU Power - 296hp - 380nm 
  • Selftune Stage One Power - 360hp - 370lbft (included) 
  • Selftune Stage Two - 390hp - 400lbft (optional)
  • Decat Delete (optional) 
  • Crackles (optional)
  • Start/Stop Removal
  • Fault Code Removal 

Further Options available with our "rent a tuner" option, we can set up Hybrid turbos etc with this device and yourselves, you will need a tool such as VCDS for logging the vehicle so we can make sure we set it up correctly. 

Optional Extras are available to purchase seperately inside your portal once you have purchased the Selftune Device.

To Transfer to a new vehicle, you must stock the current vehicle using the device, there is no charge to switch between maps you already have available. 

VW Golf Mk7 R - Selftune Device
VW Golf Mk7 R - Selftune Device