Wagner Radiator + Intercooler Kit | Mercedes A45 AMG W176

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 Mandatory for the Mallory Performance Selftune Stage 2

Fits - 

Mercedes A45 AMG W176 | 2013 - 2018 | 2.0L

Includes -

1 x Wagner Tuning Front Mounted Chargecooler 

1 x Wagner Tuning Side Mounted Radiator 

The 2.0L M133 turbo engine of the specified A-Class models from AMG is equipped with an indirect charge-air cooling circuit. So the cooling of the charged air is not realized by the ambient air as cooling medium (as usual), but made with its own cooling water circuit. A reduction of the temperature of the cooling water is directly equated with an improved cooling performance of the charged air. This is exactly where the advantages of the Wagner Tuning upgrade water cooler comes into play.

Dimensions OEM front mounted radiator:
640 mm x 390 mm x 16 mm
V = 3,99 Liter
A = 2496 cm²

Dimensions WT front mounted radiator:
616 mm x 362 mm x 32 mm
V = 7,14 Liter
A = 2230 cm²

Dimensions OEM side mounted radiator:
248 mm x 180 mm x 40 mm
V = 1,79 Liter
A = 446 cm²

Dimensions WT side mounted radiator:
252 mm x 184 mm x 68 mm
V = 3,15 Liter
A = 464 cm²

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