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Car Remapping

Increase your car or vans performance, driving experience and fuel efficiency without having to leave your home or workplace, with our mobile remapping service! All of our remaps are tried & tested on our MAHA 4WD dyno in Leicester, every remap is completely safe & reliable, whether you are looking for more power or better fuel economy or a mixture of both. Most makes & models are available whether it is a petrol or diesel car we've got it covered

Please use the below reg checker for avergage gains on a Stage One Tune

If you are happy with the gains, or have more of a custom setup, then please use the below form to get booked in, or receive a quote for your custom setup!

What is car remapping?

If you've got a relatively modern car, you'll want to ensure that your vehicle and engine is carefully maintained. Looking after your car, and getting regular service check-ups with qualified professionals will ensure that you get the most out of your motor, enhancing performance and potentially prolonging the lifespan of your vehicle.

Maximising speed, power, and performance

Remap car, sometimes referred to as 'chipping' or 'chip tuning', is an important part of long term maintenance. The process involves fine-tuning the vehicle's Electronic Control Unit, also called the Engine Control Unit, and known commonly as the ECU. The remapping process involves tweaking and updating the software on the ECU chip, in order to maximise speed, power, and performance.

The computerised engine

Although many of us think of our cars as machines that get us from A to B, modern cars depend on sophisticated computer systems, which do far more than simply help us play music or navigate using Sat-Nav as we drive. The ECU chip is a small microchip, found inside the 'little black box' in your car. The software on this computer chip holds important information that affects a wide range of key features of your vehicle, such as fuel economy, performance, and power.

Mapping modern models

Chip tuning has been used since the 1980s, with the introduction of engine computers, but it is only in the last twenty years that the process of ECU remapping has really taken off. Modern manufacturers have made software accessible and easier to tweak with fine-tuning via an on-board diagnostics system, and there are increasingly complex systems in place to control the engine, fuel consumption, and RPM of your vehicle. The manufacturer's settings on newer models mean that professionals with the right equipment can carry out ECU remaps as part of a service of modern vehicles.

What's the difference between a mobile ecu remap & a remap on the Dyno?

With a mobile remap we load on a pre built software ecu tune which has been tested on our dyno & road before hand. The benefit of mobile ecu remapping is that you don't have to leave your home or workplace to have your car tuned. The mobile tunes are designed to stay within a standard cars power parameters, where as a dyno tune would more suit someone who is looking for a complete custom set up i.e if the customers car was modified with extras such as upgraded turbo, fuel system & race setups.

Is my car suitable for remapping?

ECU remapping is not a one-size fits all service, though different types of tuning are available for petrol and diesel vehicles, with different tuning settings suited to different models. Performance improving ECU tuning can be carried out on both petrol and diesels, tweaking software in order to improve power, torque, and optimising acceleration. ECU remaps that focus on performance can have a practical impact, improving handling with heavy loads, as well as making the driving experience more enjoyable, particularly if you've got a turbo diesel engine.

The potential of remapping is arguably more extensive in turbo diesel vehicles, where remaps can remove restrictions on the engine optimising the power range of your vehicle as well as maximising the torque potential of your vehicle. ECU remapping in diesel hybrids can also optimise burn times and fine-tune in-cylinder pressures, giving you the best possible fuel consumption rates and even improving emissions.

Depending on your needs, you may have to think carefully about the balance between power enhancement and economy when getting an ECU remap, balancing gains in power and torque with improvements in economy and emissions. A remap which focuses on economy, for example, might increase the RPM of your engine, promoting movement into the higher gears to keep the car running at its optimal fuel economy levels.

Is it worth remapping a car?

There are a number of good reasons to remap ECU systems. If, as we've just discussed, your ECU chip has such an important role in influencing emissions, performance, power, and fuel economy, then car remaps which involve chip tuning can help to maximise the potential of your vehicle in these areas.

The elements controlled by the ECU software — including engine power, performance, and fuel economy are often primary factors influencing why we choose to purchase a particular model of vehicle. The ECU system is sensitive to usage and maintenance habits, including the way we drive, the climate in which we keep our vehicles, and the frequency of service visits. In order to cater to a wide market, manufacturers usually programme the ECU chip to quite general standards to provide acceptable performance in a range of climates, enable the car to run better with variable fuel quality and to mitigate against infrequent servicing. Of course, if you have purchased a particular vehicle model on account of its performance or fuel economy, you're likely to be disappointed to find that the car is not performing to its full potential, with sub-par engine power or lower levels of fuel economy than expected. If these problems sound familiar then it may be worth a remapping service, which looks at fine-tuning the ECU to help better meet your expectations.

Those who drive large distances, as well as fleet owners, might find that an economy focused remap is helpful way to save money on fuel in the longer term. For heavy users, ECU tuning can be an important way of saving money and, in the business world, can be a way of improving profit margins.

How much BHP will I gain from a remap?

The average remap can improve the BHP of your vehicle by between 20% and 30%. Of course, the effects will vary and the improvement in horsepower will depend upon the type of ECU mapping you choose, If you opt for an engine remapping service which focuses on power and performance then the gains are likely to be higher than if you choose to fine-tune your vehicle in a way which reduces fuel consumption and seeks to improve emissions.

Is remapping bad for a car?

As we've seen, there are a number of ways in which your vehicle can benefit from ECU remap services, including improving the performance of your engine and reducing your expenditure on petrol or diesel. Although it's natural to have concerns about the impact of reprogramming the software on your car, particularly if this involves altering the manufacturer's settings, in the majority of cases a remap is not only safe but beneficial, helping it to respond to the conditions in which it is used and maintained.

Why is my car not tuned from the factory?

Manufacturers have to tune their vehicles to suit the worst types of climates & fuel grades around the world, therefore the performance of the vehicle is limited as they are often "downtuned" to avoid warranty claims. In the UK the conditions are excellent for an engine and we have access to good fuel. So in a sense we are removing the "detune software" that manufacturer has installed, and we are installing a new software to the engine control unit (ECU) to unleash the full performance potential of your vehicle. 

How will it affect my fuel economy?

We offer different types of remaps for all cars & vans , so if you are looking to increase your fuel economy then we can offer you our economy remap (popular with turbo diesel work vehicles). This will not only increase the engines performance it will reduce the engines fuel consumption. You will notice that after a remap especially in diesel engines the car will have a lot more torque resulting in the car or van picking up to speed quicker and the engine not having to work as hard as before to do this (hence the increase in fuel economy) which can also help with towing.

How much more power will my vehicle get?

Each model varies so fill out the quotation form below and we will get back to you with the expected performance gains of your car or van. 

Why choose us to tune and offer a mobile service for an ECU remap?

Here at Mallory Performance we take tuning seriously with each and every car that we remap, we assure main dealer quality at a competitive price. Our 4WD Maha dyno allows us to try, test, and develop new ECU tunes for several makes and models of vehicles. We never push an engine beyond its capabilities & take huge pride in our own bespoke software & service that we offer. An ECU remap is our speciality and we continue to provide high quality engine tuning throughout the whole country.

A mobile service can take the stress out of an ECU remap. If you are often on-the-go, and use your vehicle for commuting, then you could ask for an ECU remap service to take place at your place of work, enabling you to benefit from the performance and economy enhancing impact of ECU remapping, while you get on with your day. Mobile car remap providers are also ideal for large scale ECU tuning services for fleets, and can carry out tuning on a number of vehicles and models in one place.

How do i book my vehicle in for a mobile remap?

Fill in the quotation form  and we will get back to you ASAP with a price & availability.  Once you have booked a time & date we will arrive with you on the day to load the new software to the ecu of your car. The service would usually take about 1 hour and you will be on your way with a faster & more efficient vehicle.

If you're looking locally and for car remapping Leicester just bring your car too us and we'll do the rest. 

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