DPF Cleaning & Solutions


DPF or EGR problems can be easily fixed at Mallory Performance with our DPF machine. 

Even if you have been told that you need a new DPF or it is completely blocked, we can help by cleaning your DPF. This can save you thousands of pounds!

The process requires us to remove your DPF from the vehicle, then we run it through multiple stages on our state of the art DPF cleaning machine.

It is now an MOT fail to remove a DPF which can prove costly when it blocks.

A blockage is usually always caused by another fault within the vehicle. We diagnose and quote for this repair prior to carrying out a clean to avoid the DPF blocking up again within a few weeks. 

Please complete the form below for a quotation to have your DPF professionally cleaned or call us on 0116 216 5112.

Please note we offer collection and delivery service if you wish to remove and install it yourself.