The 4WD Dyno

4WD Maha Dyno

Since 2017 we have been fully equipped with our 4WD Maha MSR Dyno, allowing us to power run cars up to 2500bhp & 220mph. Our Dyno cell is designed to simulated real road driving conditions. 

The rolling road has allowed us to test and develop customised tunes for your every day road car, to championship winning track cars. We are exceptionally proud that we were able to tune the VW cup championship winning car in 2019.

Dyno Deposit - £50.00 Inc Vat


Power Runs

A power run consists of carrying out a full throttle power test to determine bhp and torque at the wheels and calculated flywheel figures. You will be able to view your cars power run from our viewing area, whilst being able to see live on screen what power your vehicle is producing. You receive a full print out of your cars run before you leave.

Power Run - £100 inc VAT  

Full Race Car Setup

The full race car setup would consist of having full use of the dyno with an operator. This would allow your team/technician to get the very best out of your race car to ensure its ready for the track. Noise limits permitting

Full Race Car Setup - £144 inc VAT p/hr