BMW 120d F20 - 2.0 - 181hp [SELFTUNE]

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Selftune for your BMW 120d - 2.0 - 181hp 

Engine Code - N47D20O1

Have the power of the ECU tune at your finger tips, Flash the stock ECU when ever you wish with the Selftune Device!

Current Options Available - 

  • Stock ECU Power - 181hp - 280lbft 
  • Selftune Stage One Power - 230hp - 346lbft (included)
  • Economic - 200hp - 300bft (optional extra) 
  • DPF Delete (optional extra)
  • EGR Delete (optional extra)
  • Popcorn Limiter (optional extra)
  • Vmax Delete (included) 
  • Anti Theft Mode (included) 

Optional Extras are available to purchase seperately inside your portal once you have purchased the Selftune Device.

To Transfer to a new vehicle, you must stock the current vehicle using the device, there is no charge to switch between maps you already have available. 


For more information, please contact us @Mallory Performance 


BMW 120d F20 - 2.0 - 181hp [SELFTUNE]
BMW 120d F20 - 2.0 - 181hp [SELFTUNE]