BMW M2 F87



The BMW M2 is one of our favourite M cars. We bought an M2C to use as our own demo car and collaborated with AC Schnitzer for alot of cosmetic upgrades along side an exhaust. 

Stock the BMW M2C runs an impressive 405bhp & 405lbft. Here at Mallory Performance we always look to improve the driving experience alongside the power. We have developed a number or remaps for the BMW M2 using our MAHA dyno. All the tunes we offer are safe and are well within the capability of the engine.


BMW M2 Stage 1 Tune | 500 bhp / 490 +lbft

No additional parts are required for a Stage 1 Remap
-Our figures are based on 97ron fuel


BMW M2 Stage 2 Tune | 550 bhp / 435 +lbft

Parts Required For Stage 2 Remap -

  • Downpipe
  • Induction Kit / Panel Filter

-Our figures are based on 97ron fuel



BMW M2 Handling & Brake Upgrades

Our demo BMW M2 is running just over 500bhp, so suspension, tyres & brakes are important.

Suspension is hugely important when it comes to handling which is why we would always recommend upgrading. We have installed AC Schnitzer RS coilovers to our demo M2 but we have a wide range of suspension upgrades available.

For extra stopping power we recommend EBC brakes & Ferodo Pads but also have wide selection of choices depending on the type of driving you will be doing in your BMW M2. For track use the Ferodo DS2500 pads are so effective, but for more of a fast road brake pad EBC could be the right choice for your BMW.


BMW M2 Styling Options

Whilst the BMW M2 already looks outstanding straight from the factory its always nice to enhance to appearance of the car and make it your own. There are many options made available to do this such as :

  • AC Schnitzer styling kit
  • Full Vehicle wrap
  • Eibach Wheel Spacers
  • Carbon Fiber Wing Mirror Covers
  • MP Forged Carbon