BMW 140i F20/F21

The BMW M140i is becoming increasingly popular and for the right reasons, packing 335bhp and 369lbft from standard they are far from tame. We decided it was the right time to grab one for ourselves & release the true potential of the 3.0 straight six twin-scroll turbo engine, as well as improving the styling & handling of the car.


BMW M140i Stage 1 Tune | 410 - 420 bhp / 420+lbft

No additional parts are required for a Stage 1 Remap
-Our figures are based on 97ron fuel


BMW M140i Stage 2 Tune | 450 - 460 bhp / 425+lbft

Parts Required For Stage 2 Remap -

  • Downpipe
  • Intercooler
  • Induction Kit / Panel Filter

-Our figures are based on 97ron fuel



BMW M140i Handling & Brake Upgrades

Our demo BMW M140i is is under development with track use in mind, so suspension, tyres & brakes are important.

We have opted for Nankang AR-1 Tyres which are for 90% track use 10% road use, these are a faster tyre aimed at the track enthusiasts hunting for better lap times. 

Suspension is hugely important when it comes to handling which is why we would always recommend Eibach lowering springs, the pro-kit lowers the front 25mm and the rear 15mm.

For extra stopping power EBC brakes & Ferodo Pads have a wide selection of choices depending on the type of driving you will be doing in your BMW M140i. For track use the Ferodo DS2500 pads are so effective, but for more of a fast road brake pad EBC could be the right choice for your BMW.


BMW M140i Styling Options

Whilst the BMW M140i already looks outstanding straight from the factory its always nice to enhance to appearance of the car and make it your own. There are many options made available to do this such as :

  • Maxton Design Splitter Kit
  • Full Vehicle wrap
  • Eibach Wheel Spacers
  • Carbon Fiber Wing Mirror Covers