Mercedes C63 AMG W205



Most will know, we currently have the Mercedes C63 W205 as one of our demo vehicles, so we have heavily invested into this platform. Armed with upgrades such as HRE wheels, Akrapovic Exhaust System, KW Full Suspension Kit and the full Mallory Performance Carbon kit, the car certainly stands above the rest!

 First thing we looked at with this car was the handling, due to our plans for the track we knew the stock suspension, just wasn't upto scratch. So on with the KW Full Coilover kit with Adjustable height and dampening system, this brought the car to life! But we didn't want to stop there.. next we fitted a set of HRE wheels to reduce the unsprung losses in the drive train and naturally.. to enhance the visual aspect of this iconic car. 

Once we had the handling sorted out, our next aim was to improve the Performance, so over to our calibrator to see what he could pull out of this car, and he did not dissapoint.. first few sessions seen the car varying between 550hp - 600hp but it was apparent the exhaust would become a restriction, that said we then spoke to our friends at Akrapovic Exhausts, and a new System was ordered and fitted.. 

 We was very taken back by the looks and sound of this Evoloution Line System, it brought the v8 sound out beautifully, reducing the weight of the C63 and bringing out even more performance due to the new free flowing system! 

The car left the dyno at 575hp and 570lbft and was then handed over to the track team to undergo some track testing at Rockingham Raceway. The feedback from the track team allowed our calibrator to make the adjustments needed to create the Mallory Performance Stage One tune for this C63 platform.

Next install will be our Stage 2 platform, keep upto date by signing up to our mailing list!